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Table 1 Components, beneficiaries, and deliverers of the Teenage Mothers Project

From: Qualitative evaluation of the Teenage Mothers Project in Uganda: a community-based empowerment intervention for unmarried teenage mothers

Intervention components Description Beneficiaries Deliverers
  Unmarried teenage mothers Environmental actors  
1. Community awareness raising Awareness raising during community meetings, including goats giving ceremonies in the parish of approximately 30 teenage mothers, attended by community leaders and decision makers. n.a. Community members Community based volunteers
National and district leaders ARDI staff
Clan, religious, village, sub-county leaders Clan, religious, village, sub-county leaders
Intervention activities: speeches by influential (national) leaders, discussion about out-of-wedlock teenage pregnancy, testimonies of teenage mothers and their parents, and songs and theatre plays (edutainment).
School administrators  
2. Teenage mothers support group A group consists of teenage mothers from a particular parish in the project area. The groups focus on social support, advocacy, income generation and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education. Unmarried teenage mothers n.a. Community based volunteers
Clan, religious, village, sub-county leaders
3. Livelihood Includes continued (formal) education of the teenage mothers and income generation in the support groups and individually (i.e., goat rearing). Unmarried teenage mothers School administrators Community based volunteers
Clan, religious, village, sub-county leaders
4. Counselling Aimed at coping with stigma, reconciliation of relationships between parents and teenage mothers, and advice for continued education. Unmarried teenage mothers Parents ARDI staff (counsellors)
Community based volunteers
5. Advocacy Aims to change and/or implement policies and legislation and to create more awareness and discussion about the well-being of unmarried teenage mothers in Uganda. n.a. National, district, and community leaders ARDI staff
Unmarried teenage mothers