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Table 1 Overview of available datasets obtained from surveys in India for Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, 1990-2008

From: Disparities in child mortality trends in two new states of India

Data source Year Data type   Sample Size Used for equity marker Comment
   CH Women CH CEB JH Women JH CEB ST U/R E W D  
DLHS-I 1998-1999 SBH 6,456 19,939 14,319 47,672 x x x    Converted U5MR to NMR
DLHS-II 2002-2004 CBH 11,163 34388 13,470 45,559 x x x x   
DLHS-III 2007-2008 SBH 18,128 52,710 26,829 78,681 x x x   x Converted U5MR to NMR
DHS-I 1992-1993 CBH           Not used*
DHS-II 1998-1999 CBH           Not used*
DHS-III 2005-2006 CBH 2,638 8,798 2,134 7,280 x x x x   Representative at state level
SRS 1971-2008 Crude death rates      x x     Data available: CH 2004–2008; JH 2004-2008
Estimation method       S S S D I  
  1. Notes: DLHS District level health survey, DHS Demographic health survey, SRS Sample registration system, WHS World Health Survey, NFHS National Family Health Survey, ST State, U/R Urban/rural, E Ethnicity, W Wealth, D District, S Summary estimation, D Direct estimation, I Indirect estimation, CEB Children ever born, U5MR Under-five mortality rates, NMR Neonatal mortality rates, CH Chhattisgarh, JH Jharkhand.
  2. * Data is only representative at pre-Chhattisgarh and pre-Jharkhand state formations.