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Table 4 Percentage of patients surveyed by age group and diarrheal outbreak season at the selected study health facilities (Kasane Primary Hospital, and Plateau, Kazungula and Lesoma Clinics) in Chobe District, Botswana 2011–2012

From: Overcoming barriers in evaluating outbreaks of diarrheal disease in resource poor settings: assessment of recurrent outbreaks in Chobe District, Botswana

  Patients presenting with diarrheal disease at study facilities Percentage surveyed
Outbreak period Patients <5 Patients ≥5 Total patients Patients <5 Patients ≥5 Total patients
Dry season (2011) 153 69 222 18% 32% 23%
Wet season (2012) 75 62 137 27% 10% 19%