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Table 3 Fecal microorganisms identified in stool samples submitted to the Kasane primary hospital laboratory, Chobe District, Botswana from August 2007 to October of 2011

From: Overcoming barriers in evaluating outbreaks of diarrheal disease in resource poor settings: assessment of recurrent outbreaks in Chobe District, Botswana

Organism Number of times reported
Ascaris lumbricoides 3
Balantidium coli 1
Cryptosporidium spp 1
Escherichia coli 21
Giardia lamblia 2
Klebsiella spp 2
Salmonella spp 17
Salmonella typhi 3
Shigella spp 3
Staphylococcus aureus 1
Strongyloides stercoralis 2
Taenia spp 5
Trichuris trichiura 1