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Table 1 Master search strategy

From: Is volunteering a public health intervention? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the health and survival of volunteers

Search step Database: Ovid MEDLINE(R) in-process & other non-indexed citations and Ovid MEDLINE(R) <1948 to present>
1 exp voluntary workers/
2 (volunteer* or (charity adj worker*) or (voluntary adj3 worker*) or (voluntary adj group*) or (unpaid adj worker*) or (self-help adj group*)).ti,ab.
3 socially-productive.ti,ab.
4 or/1-3
5 (volunteerism or volunteering).ti,ab.
6 (volunteer adj (work or program* or service*)).ti,ab.
7 ((voluntary or charit* or unpaid) adj work).ti,ab.
8 (altruis* or activis*).ti,ab.
9 (self-help or (peer adj support)).ti,ab.
10 (intergenerational adj program*).ti,ab.
11 (community adj (involvement or work)).ti,ab.
12 (helping adj others).ti,ab.
13 (social adj productiv*).ti,ab.
14 (caring or caregiving).ti,ab.
15 (social adj capital).ti,ab.
16 (productiv* adj/2 activit*).ti,ab
17 ((civic or community) adj engagement).ti,ab
18 or/5-17
19 (health adj (benefit* or impact* or improvement*)).ti,ab.
20 ((impact* or benefit* or improve*) adj2 health).ti,ab.
21 (well-being or wellbeing).ti,ab.
22 “quality of life”.ti,ab.
23 (psychological adj (health or functioning or effect*)).ti,ab.
24 (happiness or satisfaction or rehabilitation or self-esteem or empowerment).ti,ab. (
25 “sense of community”.ti,ab.
26 (community adj connection*).ti,ab.
27 ((positive or negative) adj impact*).ti,ab.
28 mortality.ti,ab.
29 or/19-28
30 4 and 18 and 29
31 (volunteering or volunteerism).ti
32 (voluntary adj work*).ti
33 30 or 31 or 32
  1. * Represents a wildcard search term.