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Table 1 Process evaluation components and (examples of) questions

From: Design of the Bottom-up Innovation project - a participatory, primary preventive, organizational level intervention on work-related stress and well-being for workers in Dutch vocational education

Ref. Components Questions Logs researcher Logs facilitator Interviews T1 Group interviews T2
[81, 82] Recruitment what procedures were used to interest workers and what are reasons for not participating? X      
[81, 82] Reach attendance of workers in each phase of the participatory approach and its consequent tailored measures    X X X X
[81, 82] Dose delivered how many steps of the participatory approach were actually delivered by the facilitator? X   X    
[81, 82] Dose received how many steps of the participatory approach were actually followed by the worker?   X   X   
[81, 82] Fidelity was the participatory approach delivered according to protocol? X   X X X X
[86] Satisfaction how satisfied are participants with the participatory approach?    X X X X
[84, 86] Context what organizational and environmental characteristics affect the intervention? X   X   X  
[84] Line manager attitudes and actions e.g. “My immediate manager has done a lot to involve employees throughout the process”     X   X
[84] Exposure to components of the intended intervention e.g. “The project has made it easier to tackle the changes in the organization”     X   X
[84] Employee involvement e.g. “I had the opportunity to give my views about the change before it was implemented”     X   X
[84] Employee readiness for change e.g. “I looked forward to the changes brought about by the project”     X   X