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Table 4 Planned versus actual campaign activities

From: ‘Get Your Life Back’: process and impact evaluation of an asthma social marketing campaign targeting older adults

Activity Planned Actual
Posters in public areas 500 posters in 479 posters in
126 locations 115 locations
Postcards in public areas 20,000 postcards 9,000 postcards
Get Your Life Back postcard delivery to households 90,000 postcards 89,785 postcards
Bus shelter advertisements 20 posters 20 posters
Advertisements in public bathrooms 47 posters in 47 posters in
10 locations 10 locations
Takeaway business card advertisements in bathrooms - 1,170 cards
Freestanding advertisements in shopping centres 4 posters 4 posters
Media exposure   
  Television Planned for as much exposure as possible; Especially at the launch 1 news story
  Radio 4 stories
  Newspapers 2 stories
  Internet 2 stories
Manned stalls in shopping centres 2 days 2 days
Newsletters Any relevant 2 newsletters