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Table 3 Process and impact evaluation methods for ‘Get Your Life Back’

From: ‘Get Your Life Back’: process and impact evaluation of an asthma social marketing campaign targeting older adults

Evaluation criteria Measurement methods
Process evaluation  
Implementation fidelity Description of the extent to which the campaign was carried out as planned, including materials distribution and media exposure
Recall of asthma promotion Baseline and follow-up questions about recall of asthma promotion in the community
Environmental factors External factors that assisted and/or hindered the success of campaign implementation, including weather, competing news stories, and other interventions aimed at older adults
Impact evaluation  
Campaign recognition and message recall Follow-up survey questions on asthma promotion recall, specific message recall, location of campaign materials, materials recognition, and perceptions of who were the target audience of the asthma messages
Change in asthma knowledge Baseline and follow-up survey questions on asthma knowledge, including specific symptoms and triggers
Change in perceptions of susceptibility to and severity of asthma Baseline and follow-up survey questions on perceptions of susceptibility to, and severity of, asthma
Calls to an asthma information line Number of calls to the peak asthma organisation during the campaign, compared to periods immediately before and after, and compared to the same 3-month period the year before
Visits to the ‘Get Your Life Back’ campaign webpage Number of website visits during the campaign period and length of time spent on the site
Visits to the doctor or other health professionals Self-report from follow-up survey
Other behaviours resulting from the campaign Self-reported discussions about asthma as a result of the campaign from the follow-up survey