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Table 3 Places where ‘make your position clear’ (MYPC) campaign materials had been seen: maximum n = 424, excluding those self-identified as HIV positive and those who had not seen any MYPC images in the previous year

From: Exposure and impact of a mass media campaign targeting sexual health amongst Scottish men who have sex with men: an outcome evaluation

Places where MYPC materials seen ‘Yes’ responses
  n %
In a bar or club 259 68.9
Greens or LA Fitness [private health clubs] 31 8.5
In a public gym/sports centre 33 9.0
On the Glasgow subway 189 50.9
On a bus 107 28.8
At work, college or university 61 16.4
In a pharmacy 45 12.1
In a public library or community centre 24 6.5
‘Make your position clear’ campaign website 45 12.2
Online banner (e.g. on Facebook or Gaydar) 122 33.2
At Pride 125 34.0
Sexual health or GUM clinic a 102 27.6
In a GP surgery or practice a 74 19.8
In a sauna a 53 14.4
  1. Notes. a indicates excluded from measure of exposure to the campaign because a site of HIV testing.