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Table 2 Studies evaluating HIV self-testing (HST) in low-income countries

From: Acceptability of HIV self-testing: a systematic literature review

Study Choko et al.,[24] Kalibala et al.,[26]
Objective Use and accuracy of oral fluid HST in the general population Acceptability and feasibility of free oral fluid HST among HCW
Location High residential suburbs of Blantyre, Malawi District and provincial hospitals in Kenya with variable degrees of pre-existing HIV related services
Population 298 of adult population and community peer group members 1081 HCW
Sex 52% female, 48% male 33% female, 67% male
Median age 26.5 years n.s.
Ethnicity n.s. n.s.
MSM n.s. n.s.
IDU n.s. n.s.
WAHR n.s. n.s.
Acceptability of HST 87.2% 21.9%
Incentives No No
  1. n.s. not specified, MSM Men who have sex with men, IDU Injecting drug users, WAHR Women at heterosexual risk.