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Table 1 Studies evaluating HIV self-testing (HST) in high-income countries

From: Acceptability of HIV self-testing: a systematic literature review

Study Carballo-Diéguez et al.,[19] Carballo-Diéguez et al.,[20] De la Fuente et al.,[21] Belza et al.,[22] Katz et al.,[23] Gaydos et al.,[25] Lee et al.,[27] Spielberg et al.,[28] Osmond et al.,[29]
Objective Acceptability of oral fluid HST and willingness to use prior to sexual intercourse among high-risk MSM Acceptability of oral fluid HST prior to sexual intercourse among sexual partners of MSM Feasibility of blood-based HST and interpretation of results by laypersons Feasibility of blood-based HST by laypersons Acceptability and ease of use of oral fluid HST compared to clinic-based HCT among MSM Feasibility and accuracy of oral fluid and blood-based HST by laypersons compared to trained staff Acceptability and feasibility of blood-based HST among high-risk populations Feasibility and acceptability of bimonthly oral fluid and DBS HSC among high-risk populations Acceptability and feasibility of oral fluid HSC for HIV testing among MSM
Location New York City, USA New York City, USA Gay districts and university sites, Madrid, Spain see De la Fuente et al., [21] USA Baltimore, USA Singapore USA San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, USA
Population 57 high-risk MSM 140 sexual partners of high-risk MSM 313 HCT clients of mobile testing units 267 HCT clients of mobile testing units 68 HIV-negative high-risk MSM 565 patients of emergency departments 420 HIV-positive- and at-risk clients of communicable disease and STI centres 297 participants of HIV Network for Prevention Trials 615 participants of Urban men´s health study
Sex 100% male 100% male 69% female, 29% male 41% female, 51% male 100% male 59% female, 41% male 9% female, 75% male 20% female, 80% male 100% male
Median age 34 years n.s. n.s. n.s. 39 years 38,4 years 33 years 36 years n.s.
Ethnicity 39% Latino, 32% Black, 21% White, 7% Asian n.s. 83% White, 16% Latino 83% White, 16% Latino, 1% n.s. 73% White, 13% Latino, 9% Black, 4% Asian 69% Black, 29% White 98% Asian 64% White, 18% Black, 12% Latino, 2% Asian 69% White, 12% Hispanic, 8% Black
MSM 100% 100% 35% 38% 100% n.s. 9% 58% 100%
IDU - - n.s. n.s. - > 15% n.s. 30% -
WAHR - - n.s. n.s. - n.s. n.s. 12% -
Acceptability of HST 73,7% 81,5% 83% 77.9% 63.2% 84.6% 83.3% 81.1% 67%
Incentives No Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes
  1. n.s. not specified, MSM Men who have sex with men, IDU Injecting drug users, WAHR Women at heterosexual risk.