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Table 1 The stages of negotiating knowledges and meanings to tailor a community response

From: Tailoring a response to youth binge drinking in an Aboriginal Australian community: a grounded theory study

Stage Sub-processes
Assembling expertise Initiating the project by community organisation/s.
Developing partnerships with researchers.
Engaging and employing community members who are the target of the project.
Understanding the local situation Consulting with community organisations and members.
Reviewing the relevant intervention and implementation literature.
Establishing a baseline.
Developing local evidence.
Getting the message out Disseminating health promotion messages through social marketing.
Analysing the program logic to determine whether the project aim and strategies are consistent.
Shifting the locus of control for project strategies to community members who are the target of the project.
Assessing the sustainability of the approach.
Reframing the approach Reflecting on the local evidence and project experience.
Developing new understandings of the determinants.
Feeding back project evaluation results to broader community stakeholders.
Collaboratively improving the approach to address revised understandings of the determinants and consider issues of sustainability.