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Table 2 Process evaluation of PREP

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of personal resilience and enrichment programme (PREP) for HIV prevention among female sex workers: a randomised controlled trial

Areas Goals Strategies
Design of study 1. To ensure intervention is developed based on relevant theory. Literature review was conducted; intervention is based on resilience framework.
2. To ensure “dose” across is adequately described. Participants in intervention arm will received 6 one-hour sessions and each session one-to-three week apart; field note of each session and service received by the participants will be recorded.
Training of provider 3. To ensure group facilitator acquires the skills and sustains over time. Use standardized training manuals and materials for training; role playing the sessions; external quality assurance through bi-weekly meeting with investigative team throughout the study.
Delivery of treatment 4. To ensure intervention delivered adheres to treatment protocol and minimize differences within intervention. Use of an intervention manual; facilitator will take field notes of the session; Helpers will rate the adherence with a checklist; have member of investigative team to observe selected sessions; record any protocol deviations.
5. To minimise contamination between intervention and control conditions. Advise participants not to disclose the condition they are in; conduct interviews with selected participants in control group to ensure they do not receive treatment; train the staff of NGOs the rationale of the two conditions.
Receipt of treatment 6. To ensure participants understand the information provided in the sessions and they are able to perform the skills learnt. Use of active questioning to assess their understanding; record their attendance; rate their involvement in each session by group facilitator, participants and/or session helper; Use discussion role-play to ensure participants’ understand the contents.
Enactment of treatment 7. To ensure participants utilise the skills introduced in the intervention sessions. Use of homework to encourage they use their skills between sessions; discuss how they have used the skills in daily life in sessions.