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Table 1 Overview of search terms

From: Does neighbourhood social capital aid in levelling the social gradient in the health and well-being of children and adolescents? A literature review

Collective terms Search terms
1 Components of Social Capital social capital OR social support OR social resources OR social cohesion OR neighborhood cohesion OR neighbourhood cohesion OR informal social control OR collective efficacy OR neighborhood disorder OR neighbourhood disorder OR social disorganisation OR social disorganization OR social networks
2 Components of Health Gradient gradient OR socioeconomic factors OR inequity OR health disparities
3 Components of SES socioeconomic status OR social class OR neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage
4 Components of neighbourhood residence characteristics OR neighborhood OR neighbourhood
5 Population of young people infant OR child OR adolescent OR newborn infant OR preschool child
6 Full search string #1 AND (#2 OR #3) AND #4 AND #5
  1. Table 1 Overview of search terms at the basis of the search strategy.