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Table 1 BCW strengths of smartphone technology to help users eat more attentively

From: Development and feasibility testing of a smart phone based attentive eating intervention

Capability Opportunity Motivation
Smartphone technology can allow for faster recording (embedded camera and touch screen input) and relay (slideshow presentation) of information, in comparison to traditional paper based tools. This strength should make completing target behaviors easier (capability), increase the likelihood that users will have time to complete target behaviors (opportunity) and make behaviors less arduous (motivation).
Storage and relay of eating episodes in technology increases capability of achieving key target behaviors. Smartphones are widely used, which should ensure: 1) Easy access to intervention tool (physical opportunity), 2) Socially acceptable tool (social opportunity). Personalisation of intervention tool to encourage continued use and promote habitual use (automatic motivation).
Automated instructions and guidance to ensure target behaviors are fully completed without error. Automated reminders to increase number of appropriate opportunities to complete target behavior (physical opportunity). Storage and presentation of information outlining why the intervention tool will be beneficial (reflective motivation).