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Table 1 CHANGE! Themes, lesson titles and content summary

From: Promoting healthy weight in primary school children through physical activity and nutrition education: a pragmatic evaluation of the CHANGE! randomised intervention study

Theme Lesson titles Content summary
Introduction Healthy Living Lifestyle options, choices and consequences; eatwell plate
Introduction: What is PA and where do we do it? Map maker PA definitions, intensities, guidelines for health, opportunities in local environment [mapping], types of activities
Monitoring and goal setting Go for goal Simple monitoring of PA [diary/pedometer], goal setting principles
Reducing sedentary time Power down  
Impact of technology Identifying sedentary behaviours, when they occur, how technology has changed our lifestyles, goal setting for reducing screen time  
Components of fitness Muscle mysteries  
The human heart Simplify the concept of fitness as representing ‘heart health’, ‘muscle health’, ‘body composition’; incorporate FITT principle as means of enhancing fitness, basic physiological principles to demonstrate effects of PA on body [e.g., pulse rate, etc.]  
Energy balance Keeping the balance Fuel; intake; expenditure; balance; negative/ positive; monitoring; nutrient functions and sources
Carbohydrate Carb smart Types; processing; starchy foods; why important; fibre; good sources
Sugar Sugar water  
Beverage buzz Terminology & types; requirement; labels; sources - hidden; amounts; added sugar; consumption calculations  
Fat Hunting hidden fat Terminology & types; requirement; labels (graphing activity); sources; effect of cooking; fish oils
Fruit & vegetables Menu monitoring Benefits (source of variety of nutrients); portions; preparation; variety, storage; cooking; access; other foods containing fruit & vegetables, menu planning
Breakfast Brilliant breakfast Benefits (energy); portions; choices; sugar; salt; nutritional comparison of different types of breakfast
Snacks (fat/sugar/salt) Snack attack  
Snack decisions Frequency of eating; swaps; snacks at bedtime; requirements; hidden sources of fat/sugar/salt; amounts  
Variety Balancing act  
Keeping the balance Why variety needed; balanced diet & eatwell plate; nutrient functions and sources; food swaps; access; monitoring task  
Awareness Foods around the world Food production – growing; local specialities; history; access; food miles; mapping locality.
Summary Have you CHANGE!’d? Summary of principles of healthy living