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Table 2 Proposed measures and timing of measures in ABC

From: Aboriginal birth cohort (ABC): a prospective cohort study of early life determinants of adiposity and associated risk factors among Aboriginal people in Canada

Measures Antenatal visit1 Birth visit 6 months post delivery (telephone) 1 year visit 2 year visit 3 year visit
Demographics - X      
Age X    X1 X1 X1
HCN X    X1,3 X1,3 X1,3
Address/Postal Code X    X1 X1 X1
Family Doctor - Info X    X1 X1 X1
Midwife/ObGyn Info X      
Expected Delivery Date X      
Medical History X      
Diabetes X      X1
Increased blood pressure X      X1
Increased cholesterol X      X1
Other major medical history X      X1
Family History X      
Medications Used X      X1
Past Pregnancy Info X      
GTPAL X      
Still Births X      
Past Gest. DM X      
Pre-Eclampsia X      
Low Birth Weight X      
Premature Birth X      
Social Determinants X      
Years Living on the Reserve X      
Place of Birth X      
Religious Practices X      
Annual Household Income X    X1 X1 X1
Occupation X    X1 X1 X1
Marital Status X    X1 X1 X1
Education X      X
Social Support X    X1 X1 X1
Domestic Violence X    X1 X1 X1
Depression X   X1 X1 X1 X1
Health Behaviours       
Cigarette Exposure X    X X X
Diet/Infant feeding X   X3 X3 X3 X3
Activity/Sedentary Behaviours X   X3 X3 X3 X3
Physical Exam X    X X X
Blood Pressure X X2   X3 X3 X1,3
Height/Length X X2 X3 X3 X3 X1,3
Weight X X2 X3 X1,3 X1,3 X1,3
Waist and Hip Circumference X X2   X3 X3 X1,3
Skin Folds X X2   X3 X3 X1,3
Head Circumference (baby only)   X2 X X X X
Fetal Ultrasound X      
Blood Analysis X      
Hemoglobin X      
Glucose   X2   X3 X3 X3
75 g OGTT (0, 60, 120 min) X      
Insulin X X2   X3 X3 X3
Adiponectin X X   X X X
Leptin X X2   X X X
Lipid Profile X X2   X3 X3 X3
CBC   X2   X3 X3 X3
Aliquots for Future Analysis X X2   X3 X3 X3
DNA Long-term Storage X X2     
Birth Visit       
Type of Delivery   X     
Duration of Labour   X     
Premature Labour   X     
Blood Loss   X     
Birth Weight   X     
APGAR scores (1 and 5 min)   X     
Adverse outcomes   X     
Placenta & Cord Blood   X     
Stool     X3   
Breastmilk   X4     
  1. 1: All measurements taken in the mother, 2: Measurements taken in newborn at birth, 3 Measurements taken in infant, 4: Collected from mother at 6 weeks.