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Table 1 Factor loadings of the 19 items retained in the reduced factors

From: Could a brief assessment of negative emotions and self-esteem identify adolescents at current and future risk of self-harm in the community? A prospective cohort analysis

Factor Question wording & items Original scale Factor loading
Personal failure Nothing ever works out for me anymore CATS 0.57
  It’s my fault that things have gone wrong CATS 0.62
  I’ve made such a mess of my life CATS 0.77
Generalised anxiety I worry about bad things happening to me RCADS 0.74
  I worry about making mistakes RCADS 0.69
  I am worried that I will do badly at school work RCADS 0.70
  I worry about doing poorly at things RCADS 0.75
  I worry about what will happen RCADS 0.73
Physical symptoms of anxiety and depression My heart suddenly beats too quickly for no reason RCADS 0.63
  I am tired a lot RCADS 0.74
  I feel like I don’t want to move RCADS 0.69
  I felt so tired I just sat around and did nothing SMFQ 0.69
  I was very restless SMFQ 0.65
  I found it hard to think or concentrate properly SMFQ 0.54
Positive self-esteem On the whole, I am satisfied with myself RSE 0.64
  I take a positive attitude towards myself RSE 0.66
  I feel that I have a number of good qualities RSE 0.85
  I am able to do things as well as most other people RSE 0.77
  I feel that I am a person of worth, at least as equal as others RSE 0.72