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Table 1 Participant demographic details

From: Evaluating the use of citizens’ juries in food policy: a case study of food regulation

Name* Age Gender Occupation Socio-economic Status of suburb** Children Yes/No Political preference
Jill 28 Female Student & emergency care worker High No Labor
Matthew 28 Male Plumber High No Labor
Danielle 32 Female Office manage Low No Liberal
Nancy 31 Female Factory worker High Yes Labor
Darryl 37 Male Council worker High Yes Labor
Michelle 48 Female Accounts manager Middle Yes Liberal
Luke 45 Male Fuel tanker driver High Yes Liberal
John 60 Male Retired Middle Yes Liberal
Corinne 64 Female Nurse Low No Labor
Hayley 24 Female Home duties Low Yes Liberal
Noah 27 Male Fitter & turner Middle No Labor
Ben 35 Male Teacher Middle No Labor
Adam 36 Male Landscaper High Yes Labor
Dominic 42 Male Occ health officer Middle Yes Labor
Louise 56 Female Home duties High Yes Liberal
Jenny 55 Female Real estate agent N/A Yes Liberal
Henry 79 Male Retired IT consultant Low No Liberal
  1. *Names have been changed to protect identities.
  2. **Based on Socio-economic Index for Area (SEIFA).