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Table 2 Items used to assess the RE-AIM indicators

From: Evaluation of a workplace intervention to promote commuter cycling: A RE-AIM analysis

Awareness Have you heard of the BtW 1 program?   □ Yes, I know the BtW program, but I am not registered on the online application
  □ Yes, I know the BtW program and I am registered on the online application
  □ No, I don’t know the BtW program
Motivators for participation What motivated you to participate in the BtW program?   □ I was planning to start cycling (or to cycle more) and this is program support me   □ Earning cycling point appealed to me
  □ A colleague convinced me
  □ I want to contribute to a better environment   □ I feel less satisfied with my car use
  □ It is good for my health   □ The idea of cycling together appealed to me
Barriers to participation What is the reason that you are not registered on the BtW program?   □ It is not possible to cycle to work because of the long distance   □ Bad timing of the campaign
  □ I am not interested in cycling
  □ Cycling to work is difficult because of my work schedule   □ The campaign did not appeal to me
  □ Cycling to work is difficult because of my family situation   □ I already cycle to work and I don’t need a program to support me
  □ I don’t use a computer regularly
Attitude towards cycling How do you feel about cycling? (5-point scale: Fully agree – fully disagree)   □ I am not the cycling type   □ Cycling is a healthy way of travelling
  □ Cycling offers freedom and flexibility   □ Cycling is dangerous
  □ Cycling is the fastest way of travelling   □ I find cycling stressful
Commuter cycling frequency Did you cycle to work in the past month?   □ Yes, about less than once a week   □ Yes, about four times a week
  □ Yes, about once a week   □ Yes, about five times a week
  □ Yes, about twice a week
  □ Yes, about three times a week   □ Yes, more than five times a week
  □ No, I did not cycle to work in the past month
Program adoption Did your company implement the BtW program   □ Yes  
Reason non-adoption ‘If your company did not implement the BtW program, what were the main reasons? Open ended  
Company contact person Which program components were carried out?   □ Dissemination of information
  □ The online application
  □ The organization of the cycling contests
Employees How would you assess the following components: (5-point scale: very positive – very negative)   □ The dissemination of information
  □ The online application
  □ The summer cycling contest
Organizational level Does your organization have the intention to continue the BtW program next year?   □ Yes  
  □ No
  □ Maybe
Individual level What are your intentions regarding commuter cycle in the future (next 6 months)   □ Planning to commuter cycle more often   □ Program did not change my behavior
  □ Planning less commuter cycling   □ Do not know yet
  □ Planning to stop commuter cycling
Suggestions to promote commuter cycling Do you have any suggestions on how your company could continue to promote commuter cycling? Open ended  
  1. 1BtW: Bike to Work: cyclists are rewarded.