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Table 8 Sources of evidence informing practitioner views on nutritional supplements and AMD

From: Advice about diet and smoking for people with or at risk of age-related macular degeneration: a cross-sectional survey of eye care professionals in the UK

Sources of evidence (%)
Free text response n = 1,196
 o Articles in professional journals 40.2
 o Conference presentations, CE events 25.9
 o Reference to specific studies e.g. AREDS 21.3
 o Scientific/Research literature 16.4
 o Manufacturers Literature 15.0
 o Expert opinion 11.7
 o Cochrane Reviews 0.8
 o Medline 0.8
 o NICE guidance 0.3
 o Other 18.6
Responses to forced choice question n=1,245
 o Articles in professional journals 88.4
 o Expert opinion 46.1
 o Conference presentations 62.9
 o NICE guidance 23.1
 o Medline 7.7
 o Cochrane Reviews 5.7
 o None of the above 2.3
  1. Abbreviations: CE=Continuing education, NICE= National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, AREDS=Age-related Eye Disease Study.