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Table 1 List of demographic and environmental risk factors related to ulcerative colitis

From: Can temperature explain the latitudinal gradient of ulcerative colitis? Cohort of Norway

Variable Comment References Present study
Age, sex More men than women, 25–35 years Moum [56] Included
Smoking Protective (OR: 0.58) Mahid [11] Included
Appendectomy Protective Lopez [13] Not included
Diet Red meat, n-6 fatty acids, sweets increase risk n-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegetables decrease risk Ng [58] (references therein) Not included
Breast-feeding Protecting Klement [12] Not included
Acute gastrointestinal infections Risk factor. Campylobacter, Salmonella Gradel [59] Not included
Sun-exposure Not investigated - Not included
Sosio-economy Higher in urban, urban/rural change Aamodt [19] Included
  1. See Ng et al. for review [58].
  2. OR Odds ratio.