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Table 1 Psychometric properties of the outcome measures in this study

From: Effectiveness of a facebook-delivered physical activity intervention for post-partum women: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Instrument Reliability Validity
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) Not reported Scale had 100% sensitivity (percentage of true cases identified) and 89% specificity (percentage of true non cases identified as such) when tested against the DSMIIIR diagnostic criteria for major depression (for Australian sample of 103 postpartum women) [30].
General Sleep Disturbance Scale (GSDS) Internal consistency reliability coefficient of .85[31, 32]. Validated with sleep logs (r = .41) and Actigraph results (r = −.42)[31]
Assessment of Quality of Life 8D (AQoL8D) Test retest reliability of .91 (baseline and 2 weeks) and .89 (baseline and one month) [33] When compared with 6 other Quality of Life Instruments* the AQoL8D had an average intra class correlation coefficient of .57[34].
Actigraph Accelerometer Overall intra- and inter- instrument reliability for activity counts: mean CV intra = 2.9% and mean CV inter = 3.5%[35] Validated with doubly labeled water (r = 0.58, p < 0.001)[36]
  1. The 6 Quality of life instruments that the AQOL8D was compared with included: EuroQoL, Health Utilities Index Mark 3, Short Form Six Dimensions, Person Wellbeing Index, Satisfaction with Life Scale and Kessler Psychological Distress Scale.