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Table 1 Summary of case study projects

From: Enabling pathways to health equity: developing a framework for implementing social capital in practice

‘Yangara reserve’ (O’Sullivan’s Beach, Southern suburbs)
Partners: Local government, non-government, community
Main focus: Redevelopment of outdoor space
Context: Isolated from neighbouring areas; Indigenous population & significance of reserves; high unemployment; poor access to public transport
Objectives: Community engagement; connect community groups; redevelop Reserve; sense of community pride & ownership; attract external funding
‘Parks Helix’ (‘The Parks’ estate, Woodville, western suburbs)
Partners: Local government, State government (Arts, Health, Education), Community Sector (state and local funding), Private Industry (housing developer)
Main focus: Art and cultural program linked to redevelopment
Context: Major urban renewal causing community upheaval; concentrated social disadvantage; issues of crime & safety
Objectives: Social inclusion; community capacity building; formal & informal networks; individual & community wellbeing; partnerships among services; raise profile of arts & culture
‘KBA community capacity building’ (Kilburn Blair Athol, northern suburbs)
Partners: State government (Health, Housing)
Main focus: Series of projects involving different population groups
Context: Urban regeneration; community consultation identified multiple issues; community development workers employed
Objectives: Health & wellbeing; new & existing networks; sharing resources & skills; social outlets; projects addressing issues of drugs, alcohol, violence