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Table 2 Subgroups of religious leaders according to their role in influencing acceptance or refusal of vaccination among congregations

From: The role of religious leaders in promoting acceptance of vaccination within a minority group: a qualitative study

  Don’t address topic Focus on deliberate choice Preach against vaccination
N 3 4 5
Denomination RRC CRC ORC
Position Pastor Pastor Elder or deacon
Estimated local vaccination coverage High Intermediate Low
(> 85%) (50-75%) (< 25%)
Personal decision on vaccination Acceptance Refusal Refusal
Way of addressing the topic Not applicable Discussion Preaching
Mission field Not applicable Pastoral care Sermons
  Confirmation classes Confirmation classes
  1. RRC Restored Reformed Church, RC Reformed Congregations, CRC Christian Reformed Churches, ORC Old Reformed Congregations, RCN Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands.