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Table 3 The effect of re-employment on the probability to improve from poor to good quality of life and good self-rated health among unemployed persons during 18 months follow-up (n=4308)

From: The influence of re-employment on quality of life and self-rated health, a longitudinal study among unemployed persons in the Netherlands

  Good self-rated health Quality of life
Unadjusted model* Adjusted model** Unadjusted model* Adjusted model**
OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI)
Re-employment transition 3.14 (2.60–3.81) 2.88 (2.37–3.50) 2.21 (2.07–2.36) 1.76 (1.54–2.02)
Time re-employed (months) 1.06 (0.94–1.19) 1.05 (0.93–1.18) 1.12 (1.03–1.23) 1.12 (1.02–1.23)
  1. *Adjusted for time. **Adjusted for time, sex, age, education, ethnic background, parenthood, marital status, and type of benefit. OR, Odds ratio; CI, Confidence interval.