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Table 1 Suggested additions to an adolescent HPV vaccine-based package of care (“Adolescent Plus Package”) [[18]]

From: Using HPV vaccination for promotion of an adolescent package of care: opportunity and perspectives

Intervention category Definition Menu of complimentary interventions
•Screening •Testing or screening for illnesses, diseases or disabilities •Vision screening
•Schistosomiasis screening (in appropriate contexts)
•Anaemia screening
•Provision of information •Providing information-based interventions, including information sessions, skills delivery, pamphlets •HPV information
•Reproductive and sexual health information booster
•Nutritional information
•Tobacco and alcohol prevention information
•Services •Providing referrals, counseling, treatments •Voucher referral for health services (including reproductive health)
•Referral for vision
•Referral for iron/folate supplementation
•Commodity delivery •Supplementation, direct provision of commodities or increasing access to commodities •Anti-helminthic (soil-transmitted)
•Anti-helminthic (schistosomiasis)
•Vitamin A
•Bednets for malaria prevention
•Vaccines •Vaccines identified to complement HPV vaccine delivery should already be delivered (primary or booster) to this age group •Tetanus/Diptheria booster
•Hepatitis B