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Table 2 Milestones for each HAPA stage of change

From: Study protocol for “Moving Bright, Eating Smart”– A phase 2 clinical trial on the acceptability and feasibility of a diet and physical activity intervention to prevent recurrence in colorectal cancer survivors

HAPA stage Milestones
Pre-intentional stage 1. Change in attitude regarding behaviour change
  2. Perceive behavioural health-link
  3. Perceive social pressure for behavioural change from significant others
Intentional stage 1. Intention to modify behaviour
  2. Perceive behavioural control
  3. Develop optimistic belief about ability to deal with barriers
Actional stage 1. Goal setting and review of behavioural goals
  2. Action planning
  3. Self-monitoring of performance
  4. Feedback
  5. Develop coping strategies to deal with barriers
  6. Behaviour maintenance (relapse prevention and recovery)
  1. Abbreviations: HAPA-Health Action Process Approach.