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Table 3 Perceived barriers and suggestions to improve cessation support for pregnant/postpartum women

From: Exploring the adequacy of smoking cessation support for pregnant and postpartum women

Theme Barriers Suggestions to address barriers
Policy Absence of provincial cessation strategy Comprehensive cessation strategy that involves cross-sector and cross-ministerial collaboration
Sustainable funding and organizational capacity issues Funding for capacity building, program development and sustainability
Organizational cessation polices, practices and procedures
Hesitancy prescribing NRT to pregnant women Medical directive for off-label use of NRT and education for providers
Program and service provision Lack of comprehensive programming approach Social determinants of health and harm reduction approaches
Programs accessible through multiple sectors
Address partner and family smoking
Engagement and accessibility issues Engage women in program development/implementation
Incentives, transportation, childcare and snacks
Program promotion through local venues
Home visits
Address stigma and misconceptions through:
 • Training health care providers to understand issues faced by women and role of smoking in lives
 • Cessation training for providers who work with disadvantaged women
 • Positive messaging
 • Provincial media campaigns
Affordable NRT options
Inconsistent provider practice Annual training in MCI and cessation best practices for pregnant/postpartum women
Perinatal cessation modules in educational curriculums/continuing education credits
   Knowledge exchange channels to facilitate patient referral and promote inter-professional learning