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Table 2 Demographic characteristics of women participants (n = 29)

From: Exploring the adequacy of smoking cessation support for pregnant and postpartum women

  n or mean
Age 22.1 (range: 15–49)
 Central 13
 Northwest 11
 Central East 5
Maternal status  
 Postpartum 19
 Pregnant 10
Ethnic or cultural roots  
 Aboriginal 11
 White 11
 Black 4
 West Indian 1
 Latin, Central or South American 1
 Rather not say 1
 < High school 21
 High school 3
 > High school 5
Marital status  
 Has a partner 18
 Single 11
Living arrangement  
 Partner and child/children 9
 Children only 7
 Maternal residence 5
 Parents 5
 Partner and parents/other family 3
  1. * While Central East and Northwest jurisdictions represent an urban/rural mix, all women, except for two (2), were living in an urban area at the time of interviews. Importantly, these participants’ accounts reflected a relatively transient life, and some women described living in rural/remote areas (i.e., fly-in, on-Reserve communities) at different stages of their lives.