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Table 6 Modifications suggested by participants to post-birth nursing services for international migrants in Canada

From: Developing population interventions with migrant women for maternal-child health: a focused ethnography

Types/qualities of nursing services Suggested modifications
Availability • More funding for nursing/health fields
• More public health nurses to visit new moms
Maternal care • Mothers to have a nurse to help for at least a month postpartum
• Nurses should assess how the mother is coping
• CLSC nurses should ask about husband’s role
Teaching • Nurses to help with breastfeeding, especially for mothers who had C-sections
Information/advice • Nurses should be available to answer questions
• Would like service to access interpreter
• Language improvement needed in nursing services - essential for better communication
Assessment of baby • Nurses should assist in taking care of baby
• More follow-up visits to check health of newborn
  1. 1see Additional file 2 for definitions.