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Table 4 Comparison of percentage variance across various populations

From: Modeling predictors of risky drug use behavior among male street laborers in urban Vietnam

Sample Outcome variable (model version) References Percentage variance in outcome variable
Male street laborers Drug use behavior (Modified IMB) Our current study 57
Male street laborers Sexual behavior (Modified IMB) [54, 55] 58
Indian truck drivers Sexual behavior (IMB) [21] 40-51
Heroin addicts Sexual behavior (IMB) [26] 35
Urban minority high school males Sexual behavior (IMB) [12] 75
Urban minority high school females Sexual behavior (IMB) [12] 46
Low-income African American females Sexual behavior (IMB) [13] 36
Low-income white females Sexual behavior (IMB) [13] 57
Netherlands adult homosexual males Sexual behavior (IMB) [53] 26
Heterosexual university males and females Sexual behavior (IMB) [11] 10
Homosexual adult males Sexual behavior (IMB) [11] 35