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Table 4 Proportion of HIV-positive women counseled on different mother-to-child transmission of HIV topics (n = 250)

From: Predictors of HIV serostatus disclosure to partners among HIV-positive pregnant women in Morogoro, Tanzania

Variable Number (Yes response) %
Counselor discussed with you about:   
Use of ARV to reduce MTCT of HIV 250 100.0
Bringing child for ARV after delivery 240 96.0
Infant feeding options 250 100.0
To make decision on feeding mode before infant is born 232 92.8
Importance of contraceptives after delivery 246 98.4
Importance of condom use during sex with partner 246 98.4
Importance of bring partner for HIV counseling at clinic 242 96.8
On disclosure of your HIV status to partner 245 98.0