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Table 3 Summary of healthy behaviour and supportive environments guidelines

From: Hydration status of underground miners in a temperate Australian region

Guideline Parent company Mine sites
Medical 3 yearly medical checkups and free access to medical consultant As per parent company
Smoking Quit Program Banned on-site
Alcohol and other drugs Education, rehabilitation and deterrent program As per parent company
Healthy eating Education in training sessions None
Exercise Participation support program for community based physical activity As per parent company
Fatigue Management Fatigue management standard, with restrictions on shift duration, breaks and other support. As per parent company
Hydration None None
Heat Stress None Heat Stress TARP* tiered response to high heat and humidity levels. Only applies at one mine.
Other programs Annual health seminars and access to counselling for employees and their families As per parent company
  1. *Trigger Action Response Plan - defines a minimum set of actions required in response to a hazard.