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Table 3 Intervention protocol for standard (StnInt) and modified (ModInt) treatment groups a

From: A family-centered lifestyle intervention to improve body composition and bone mass in overweight and obese children 6 through 8 years: a randomized controlled trial study protocol

Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3     Visit 4    Visit 5    Visit 6
1. Review CFG and PA guideb  1. Understanding Food labelsc 1. Eating “out and about” (eating in other environments other than home) 1. Making a meal plan 1. Tricky situations 1. Staying on track
2. Identifying hunger cues
Each session will also include discussions concerning:
 Eating behaviours
 Reviewing the dairy intervention and strategizing how to stay on track
 Evaluating healthy food choices (Traffic light evaluation)
 Physical activity (frequency, type, time and intensity) discussion
 Sedentary activity (screen time) and provide alternative activities
 Relapse prevention through identification of a “tricky situation” (i.e. birthday party, vacation, holiday, sleepovers, rainy/ snowy days)
 Three SMART Goals
  1. CFGHE: Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, PA: Physical Activity.
  2. a Control group will receive the same visit format but at the end of 12-months of the study.
  3. b According to randomization, children are instructed to consume 2 or 4 servings of milk and milk alternatives per day.
  4. c Parents are encouraged to bring in food labels from home to ensure discussions are individualized.