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Table 1 Characteristics of outcome variables in the 5 core models

From: Determinants of better health: a cross-sectional assessment of positive deviants among women in West Bengal

Outcome variable (Linear) Answer scale Mean (sd) Median Range
What is the ideal age for a girl to get married? Single year of age 18.71 (1.53) 18 10-26
What is the ideal age a girl should finish her studies? Single year of age 18.55 (2.70) 18 10-30
Outcome variable (Logistic) Answer scale n (%)
Have you heard about HIV/AIDS? Yes 146 (27.19)
No 391 (72.81)
The time during the month when a female loses blood happens because? Correct:  
An egg has not united with a male sperm 166 (30.91)
A woman is not eating enough 8 (1.49)
A woman is not clean 22 (4.10)
Do not know 330 (61.45)
Other 11 (2.05)
Can you go to a health service in a nearby village unescorted or alone? Yes 334 (62.20)
  No 203 (37.80)