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Table 9 Client typology type 4 ‘enthusiastic amateurs’ (n=5)

From: Give It Up For Baby: outcomes and factors influencing uptake of a pilot smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women

Sources Quotes
C1 (Area 2, Aged 22, 1st child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) I know myself I shouldn’t be smoking. If I do slip up and I smoke a fag then I feel so guilty. I’m like, I’m sorry baby and I feel so bad. It’s horrible. It is very difficult…
It was really easy to cut down when I first started trying to stop. I didn’t find it difficult to cut down. It was going from a couple a day to completely stopping was the hard part. I’d cut down just as I started the scheme I was only on about three or four a day…
C3 (Area 2, Aged 30, 1st child, Quintile 4, Frequent attender) The only reason I registered was because I knew that I had to stop and by going and registering it would give me an actual date – this is the date and I would say right… Since I’ve been part of the scheme, it has given me that incentive to stop and given me the date, because I was going every week to do the breathalyser thing. (…) I did pretty much do it on my own, but it was worth it to go every week and speaking to the chemist. It gave me that bit of encouragement, ‘Oh you are doing well.’ (…) It was quite good to see the numbers (CO test results) - it was that as well.
C1 (Area 2, Aged 22, 1st child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) Interviewer: Has having the money made a difference to you in any way?
Respondent: It is hard to tell but if the scheme was done without the £12.50 then I probably wouldn’t make as much effort to go to the chemist and speak to Tracy and all this kind of stuff (…) So yeah the £12.50 and being on the scheme does help, it’s been a bit more of a push. It is a bit easier than just trying on your own - It is good to go down and have your test done and be all proud of yourself and say I’m on the GIUFB scheme - But if I wasn’t on the scheme and I wasn’t getting £12.50 I would still be doing it anyway and I’d still be trying my hardest.
C18 (Area 1, Aged 36, 1st child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) For me getting my breath checked – It felt like, if I was to get my carbon monoxide – carbon dioxide measurements – that’s going to give me my incentive – knowing that (I was clear). The money was just a bonus; do you know what I mean?