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Table 8 Client typology type 3 ‘breadline survivors’ (n=3)

From: Give It Up For Baby: outcomes and factors influencing uptake of a pilot smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women

Sources Quotes
C16 (Area 1, Aged 19, 1st child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) My sister was pregnant at the same time as me and it was her that told me about it, eh… and said ‘you get money for stopping smoking, like on a card’, and I was like I might give that a go.
C15 (Area 1, Aged 24, 2nd child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) She was okay (the pharmacist), but I think at the same time when I did fall back and I said to her ‘I’ve had one extra than I’m supposed to have today.’ She was kind of like ‘oh no that’s just bad’, she wasn’t sort of sympathetic, if you like. So I just says to her ‘well when you stopped smoking did you not fall back and have one?’ And she said ‘yeah’ and I went ‘well don’t judge me! It was just an accident, a mistake.’
C16 (Area 1, Aged 19, 1st child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) What was important to me was the money really. Cos it could have done so much. With being pregnant and struggling on Job Seekers Allowance with nae top up (…) The money was the thing that actually edged me towards it (the scheme).
C16 (Area 1, Aged 19, 1st child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) The idea sounded really good to me but then when I got the rush to have a fag I just totally forgot all about the money. I really did want to give up but…missing that fag, I think it just wasn’t strong enough. I truly did try and get – I hadn’t like the confidence to do it really. I just don’t think I had what it takes to do it.
C19 (Area 1, Aged 33, 1st child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) I did want to stop smoking and although I wasn’t really a heavy smoker I felt, well I could really do with the £12.50 a week for ASDA tokens that would really be good for me, because I was on benefits… I was on Incapacity Benefit for depression. I’d split up with his father so I was really on my own. I had no support, no money, but it just didn’t really work out all that great.