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Table 6 Client typology type 1 ‘mothers to be’ (n=3)

From: Give It Up For Baby: outcomes and factors influencing uptake of a pilot smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women

Sources Quotes
C6 (Area 2, Aged 31, 3rd Child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) I’d smoked through my previous pregnancies so this time I really, really wanted to give it a bash…
C8 (Area 2, Aged 25, 1st Child, Quintile 2 Frequent attender) Because I was carrying him, it was for his sake. If I wasn’t pregnant I wouldn’t have stopped, I would have found it really hard.
C8 (Area 2, Aged 25, 1st Child, Quintile 2, Frequent attender) I was going to do it regardless (of Give It Up For Baby) and it was because you are pregnant you would get free patches… To be honest I only used them (the free patches) for the first two weeks, I knew I didn’t want to harm him (…) But they said ‘well you have to take them, just in case’ – I’ve got boxes and boxes of them at home. I hated the smell of them.
C7 (Area 2, Aged 24, 2nd child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) Nobody gets to smoke in here, not anymore. Before I was pregnant and that yeah, people got to smoke in the kitchen, but no, if somebody comes up now they go outside and smoke.
C8 (Area 2, Aged 25, 1st Child, Quintile 2 Frequent attender) We got loads of nappies, wipes, baby milk, things for him - baby gates and things like that.