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Table 11 Client typology type 6 ‘impulse shoppers’ (n=1)

From: Give It Up For Baby: outcomes and factors influencing uptake of a pilot smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women

Sources Quotes
C2 (Area 2, Aged 26, 5th child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) There has been a few attempts, a lot of attempts and the first few times it was only like a week or so I managed… but I did want to give up, I wanted to give up when I was pregnant with her but I just, I don’t know, I just couldn’t (…) Sometimes the doctors kind of, they kind of look down their nose at you and it’s like “Oh you’ve been here before, you never managed you know, the past three, four times, what makes you so sure you’re going to manage now?”, and they don’t have much compassion I suppose the word is.
C2 (Area 2, Aged 26, 5th child, Quintile 1, Infrequent attender) I was at the chemist seeing if I could get patches without having to go to the doctor and she took me in to this little room and gave me loads of leaflets and one of them was about this baby thing, I wasn’t really too bothered about it but she put my name down and everything anyway because I wasn’t sure at the time whether I’d be able to stick to it or not so, but that’s how I heard about it. (…) She asked me if I wanted to go for it or not and I kind of felt obliged to because I was just in this wee room and there wasn’t much going on, there was all these leaflets in front of me and I just kind of, I mean I only went in there to get patches and I was getting hit with all this stuff and I was like ‘Just put my name down, whatever’.