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Table 10 Client typology type 5 ‘opportunists’ (n=2)

From: Give It Up For Baby: outcomes and factors influencing uptake of a pilot smoking cessation incentive scheme for pregnant women

Sources Quotes
C13 (Area 2, Aged 38, 4th child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) I’d never thought about giving up smoking. But I mean I didn’t smoke a lot anyway. I wasn’t a heavy smoker. But I just thought with being pregnant I wanted to try and quit it altogether…. It was just a matter of going in, once a week and getting the breath test and seeing how my nicotine level was, and they gave me the patches… But because I wasn’t a heavy smoker, I just kept a hold of the patches and everything; everything just seemed to go, really, really well.
C13 (Area 2, Aged 38, 4th child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) Interviewer: What would you have done if the money hadn’t been available?
Respondent: I would have gave it up for her. I just think because the money was there it was – it was a way of making me stronger…
Interviewer: You’d not even had a wee lapse?
Respondent: Nah! Nothing! Nothing! No once I’d given up, I’d given up and that was it. I only needed the patches for quite a short period of time… There was sometimes when I forgot to put it on, you know? And I didn’t even notice. The money wasn’t like a giant (incentive)…but that was why we took it, we took it because, yeah it’ll help get everything for her, that was the reason we took the incentive because of the money for her.
C17 (Area 1, Aged 22, 1st child, Quintile 1, Frequent attender) I stopped, because I knew I was pregnant, I was wanting to do everything sort of right. And then I heard about this and that made us more determined as well like. (…) I was determined to stop smoking at the time and that’s what it was, just one day I just said right we ain’t smoking, and we never smoked.