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Table 2 Global theme: Local perceptions of a community-led cash transfer programme

From: Social acceptability and perceived impact of a community-led cash transfer programme in Zimbabwe

Codes Basic themes Organising themes
Community committees Community members involved in the implementation 1. Community participation
Working with local leaders
Selection process
Drawing on local knowledge
Compliance Community members involved with the monitoring
Formal monitoring
Informal monitoring
Buy-in and solidarity Community-wide appreciation 2. Social acceptability
Community-wide benefits
Cooperate with other services Cash transfers complement other support services
More holistic than other programmes
Deserving beneficiaries Fairness of the programme
Access to uniforms School attainment 3. Improved schooling and education
School attendance
School over subscription
Prompt payment of school fees
School performance School performance
Food intake Physical health 4. Improved health and well-being
General health benefits
Equality Psychosocial health
Reduced caregiver stress
Understanding of children’s needs Community wide awareness and response to children’s needs 5. Poverty reduction and social transformation
Community: agents of change
Birth certificates obtained
Empowered caregivers Caregivers are empowered
Platform for income generation
Children are equal Greater sense of equality and cohesion
Enhanced community dialogue
People are better off
Narrow targeting Jealousy 6. Persisting social and logistical challenges
Undeserving beneficiaries
Illness and disability Barriers to programme success
Men taking the money
Household dynamics