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Table 5 Respondents’ views on experience of policy for smoking staff – percentage agreement for non-smokers and smokers

From: Implementation of a smoke-free policy in a high secure mental health inpatient facility: staff survey to describe experience and attitudes

Statement % Agreement (Strongly Agree/Agree)
  All respondents Non-smokers Smokers Significance - Pearson χ2(2 tailed)
It is difficult for staff who smoke to adhere to the hospital’s smoke-free policy. 56.7 56.2 69.2 χ2 = 2.08; df = 2; P = 0.353
Staff who smoke receive adequate support from the hospital to enable them to work in the smoke-free environment. 35.0 37.5 15.4 χ2 = 11.97; df = 2; P = 0.003