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Table 1 Participants’ quotes on the concept of optional temporary abstinence

From: The role of nicotine replacement therapy for temporary abstinence in the home to protect children from environmental tobacco smoke exposure: a qualitative study with disadvantaged smokers

a: Single male, 25-34: “I don’t think that'd work, smoking outside my home but not in my home d'you know what I mean cos if I've got fags, fags on me whatever d'you know what I mean I'm gonna smoke whether I'm at home or not d'you know what I mean so I'd sooner stop altogether. I don’t think that'd work for me d'you know what I mean not smoking at home… I don’t think I'd stick to not smoking at home if I was smoking outdoor, outside my home d'you know what I mean I think I'd still smoke inside”
b: Married female, 35-44: “It’s like alcoholics, I, I attribute it to that – alcoholics, if you say to an alcoholic, cos I have an alcoholic in my family, me father. If you say to the alcoholic, we’re not saying you can’t drink, we’re just saying you can drink there – he’ll drink everywhere and I think that would be the same with smoking”
c: Single female, 25-34: “I think personally, not being funny, I, like I say I don’t think it, I don’t think it’s going to work people do – not, I don’t think people are gonna just do that [abstain] when they’re in the home.. I mean, if you’re going to do it, you’re gonna do it, alright, you’re going to pack it in”
d: Married female, 25-34: “Possibly to do it in like a two-step phase, to do that one first and then after a while stop altogether…Make the smoke-free house permanent, smoking outside but then, erm, after a while just give up totally”