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Table 2 Students’ evaluations of school-based sex education

From: Better learning in schools to improve attitudes toward abstinence and intentions for safer sex among adolescents in urban Nepal

Have you learned about the following topics in your school’s sexual health education lessons? (Information on HIV and sexual health) Mean SD
Where HIV counseling and testing can be received 2.29 1.00
Relationships with opposite sex 2.58 1.07
Communication with parents or other trusted adults about sexual health topics 2.53 1.04
Contraceptive use, effectiveness, and how they work 2.60 1.02
Consequences of unintended pregnancy 2.62 1.08
Number of sexual partners 2.66 1.03
Local sources for obtaining condoms and other contraceptives 2.70 1.03
Perception of peer norms about sex and perception of peer sexual behavior 2.70 1.07
HIV counseling and testing 2.71 1.00
Abstinence 2.75 1.01
Frequency of sex 2.77 1.00
Probability of becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy if sexually active 2.78 1.02
STI testing and treatment 3.00 0.99
Emotional changes that occur in boys and girls during adolescence 3.09 0.91
Self efficacy to refuse sex and to use condoms during sexual intercourse 3.09 0.96
Condom use 3.13 1.04
Symptoms of HIV/AIDS and STIs 3.15 0.90
Modes of HIV/AIDS and STI transmission 3.17 0.90
Consequences of HIV/AIDS and STIs 3.20 0.87
Physical changes that occur in boys and girls during adolescence 3.30 0.87
Susceptibility to contracting HIV/AIDS and STIs 3.33 0.85
Do you believe in the following about your teachers and parents/guardian? (Support and involvement of teachers and parents)   
My parents/guardian participate in sexual health education 1.83 1.01
My parents/guardian are aware about sexual health education in my school 2.40 1.01
The Principal is committed to have sexual health education taught in this school 2.66 1.15
Teachers in this school take teaching sexual health education seriously 2.71 1.04
Teachers in this school have sufficient skills to teach sexual health education 2.77 0.94
My parents/guardian support sexual health education in my school 2.79 1.03
Teachers in this school are happy to teach sexual health education 2.93 1.00
Teachers in this school have enough knowledge to teach sexual health 2.95 0.97
Do you think that your school used following teaching materials and resources in its sexual health education lessons? (Teaching aids for sex education)
Audio tapes 1.54 0.82
Video tapes 1.60 0.87
Books and manuals, except textbooks on sexual health 1.70 0.89
Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and STIs prevention materials such as posters, pamphlets, pictures 1.80 0.92
Newspapers and magazines 1.87 0.95
Textbooks 2.64 1.03
Do you think the amount of time allocated for sexual health education in your school is adequate? (Time allocated for sex education) 2.15 1.00
  1. Evaluation score (4-point Likert scale, ranging from 1–4).