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Table 2 Participant feedback (percentages of men spontaneously mentioning each factor in response to open-ended questions)

From: Football Fans in Training: the development and optimization of an intervention delivered through professional sports clubs to help men lose weight, become more active and adopt healthier eating habits

Liked (N = 154)* Improvements (N = 78) Additions (N = 63)
Camaraderie 55.8(86) More physical activity, less theory 26.9(21) More football 33.3(21)
Physical activity 35.7(55) Better facilities 10.3(8) More/different types of physical activity 20.6(13)
Lifestyle education (eating/alcohol) 29.2(45) More football 9.0(7) Continuation/follow up beyond 12 weeks 12.7(8)
Coaches (friendly, treated as an adult) 20.1(31) Different timing (summer/weekend) 9.0(7) Liaising with other FFIT groups 9.5(6)
Association with club 14.9(23) Coaches being better organised 7.7(6) Health checks 7.9(5)
Booklet/information/structured approach 14.3(22) More club involvement 7.7(6) Meeting players/coaches/managers 7.9(5)
Being motivated to improve 13.6(21) Club T-shirts arriving on time/at all 6.4(5) Individualised physical activity 7.9(5)
Informal environment 9.1(14) Continuation/follow up sessions 6.4(5) Healthy eating suggestions/nutritionist 6.3(4)
5-a-side football matches 7.1(11) More than one night per week 5.1(4)   
No pressure – advice, not orders 5.8(9) More individualisation of physical activity 5.1(4)   
Outcomes (losing weight/getting fit) 5.2(8) More detailed information to supplement booklet 3.8(3)   
Pedometer/walking 4.5(7) Varied physical activity/trips to local facilities 2.6(2)   
Timing/weekly meeting/time of year 4.5(7) Need for commitment stressed more 2.6(2)   
Meeting players/guest speakers 3.9(6) Discount for local facilities 2.6(2)   
Entrance requirements 3.2(5) Shorter weigh-ins 2.6(2)   
Targets (reviewed regularly/achievable) 3.2(5) More one-to-one time 2.6(2)   
Finding it was easy to change 1.9(3)     
  1. *number of participants providing a response shown in brackets.