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Table 1 Interview guides

From: Breaking the habit: a qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation in people with enduring mental health problems

People with mental health problems (MHPs) Health and social care professionals
- Smoking history (age started; why started; consumption) - Experience of working with people with MHPs who smoke
- Perceived positive and negative aspects to smoking - Views on why people with MHPs smoke
- Times when smoke more or less - Smoking cessation (views on barriers and facilitators in people with MHPs)
- Contact with others who smoke - Own role in encouraging/supporting smoking cessation (views on barriers and facilitators)
- Others’ views on smoking (friends, family, professionals) - Views and experience of specialist smoking cessation services for people with MHPs
- Perceived positive and negative aspects to smoking cessation (barriers and facilitators) - Knowledge of smoking cessation guidelines
- Views and experience of existing smoking cessation services/support - Training and education (smoking + smoking cessation)
- Impact of mental health problem (if any) on smoking/smoking cessation