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Table 2 Fidelity: score on the individual performance indicators as part of the process evaluation of job-specific workers’ health surveillance for construction workers

From: Improving occupational health care for construction workers: a process evaluation

Performance indicator Description Sufficient performance % (relative frequency)
1 Correct processing of the questionnaire data by the medical assistant and OP 16% (12/77)
2 Correct processing of the summary of results of all components of the WHS by the OP 58% (45/77)
3 Correct processing of the results of the physical performance test by the ergonomist 91% (70/77)
4 Advice was given to the OP by the ergonomist based on the physical performance test 73% (56/77)
5 Signs to intervene were correctly determined by the OP 16% (12/77)
6 Signs to intervene were prioritised before counselling by the OP 95% (73/77)
7 Evaluation of the prioritisation after counselling by the OP 97% (75/77)
8 Written advice was provided to the worker by the OP 92% (65/71)
  Average total score 67%