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Table 2 Overview of the outcome measurements

From: A motivational interviewing intervention to PREvent PAssive Smoke Exposure (PREPASE) in children with a high risk of asthma: design of a randomised controlled trial

  Time (months) 0 3 6 9 12
Outcome measures       
Urine cotinine  
Household nicotine level      
Long function  
Parental smoking behaviour [24], PS exposure to the child Beliefs about PS exposure in children
Respiratory symptoms and infections (based on questions developed by the PREPASE team and the respiratory symptoms questionnaire [37]
ISAAC [23]      
Quality of life (FSII) [38]  
Process evaluation      
  1. The measurements take place in both groups of the RCT, all measurements are home based. The process evaluation questionnaire is completed only in the intervention group. Questionnaires are completed by the parents. PS = passive smoke.