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Table 2 Characteristics of paraprofessional home visitation evaluation studies included in review

From: Effectiveness of home visiting programs on child outcomes: a systematic review

Author Country N Population under study* Intervention name Frequency of visits Intervention duration
Aracena et al. [13]§ Chile 90 Single pregnant adolescents - Monthly Pregnancy to 1 yr
Barth [14] United States 191 At risk women Child Parent Enrichment Project Weekly 6 mo (including pregnancy)
Black et al. [15]§ United States 130 Children with non-organic failure to thrive - Weekly 1 yr
Bugental et al. [16] United States 96 Mothers at moderate risk - Monthly Pregnancy to 1 yr
Caldera et al. [17] United States 325 Families Healthy Families Alaska Varied 2 yrs
Cupples et al. [18] Ireland 343 First time mothers - Bi-weekly to monthly Pregnancy to 1 yr
Duggan et al. [19, 20] United States 643 At risk families Healthy Start Program Varied 3-5 yrs
Duggan et al. [21] United States 325 At risk families Healthy Families Alaska Varied 3 yrs
DuMont et al. [22] United States 1297 At risk families Children from poor neighbourhoods Healthy Families New York- Weekly to bi-weekly 5 yrs
Grantham-McGregor et al. [23]§ Jamaica 129    Weekly 2 yrs
Hamadani et al. [24]§ Bangladesh 321 Undernourished children and adequately nourished comparison Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Program + psychosocial stimulation Weekly to bi-weekly 1 yr
Johnson et al. [25]¥ Ireland 262 First time mothers with children aged up to 1 yr Community Mothers’ Programme Monthly 1 yr
Kartin et al. [26]§ United States 78 Substance abusing mothers Seattle Birth to 3 Program Weekly to bi-weekly 3 yrs
King et al. [27] United States 513 At-risk families Hawaii Healthy Start Program Weekly to quarterly 3 yrs
Lee et al. [28] United States 502 At-risk adolescent mothers Healthy Families New York Bi-weekly Pregnancy
Le Roux et al. [29] South Africa 788 Mother-child-dyads with malnourished child Philani Child Health and Nutrition Program Monthly 1 yr
McLaughlin et al. [30] United States 428 At-risk pregnant women - Not stated Pregnancy
Nair et al. [31]≠ ∞ United States 161 Substance abusing mothers - Weekly to bi-weekly 2 yrs
Necoechea [32]¥ United States 52 Children at risk for poor school readiness Home for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Bi-weekly 15 wks
Scheiwe et al. [33]§ United Kingdom 101 Low income mothers - Monthly 1 yr
  1. *Unless otherwise stated, “at-risk” refers to at-risk for child maltreatment, abuse or neglect.
  2. §Study scored 15/15 on validity tool.
  3. Score of 13-14/15 on validity tool related to attrition >18%.
  4. Score of 13-14/15 on validity tool related to inadequacies in data collection, e.g., not blinding data assessors.
  5. ¥Score of 13-14/15 on validity tool related to not using multivariate statistics.